Start every employee off on the right foot with better new hire orientation training

Onboarding new hires into your company is your chance to make all the right first impressions to get them engaged and keep them engaged. If your new hire orientation training is old-fashioned and outdated, now is the time to get it right.

Turbocharge Your New Hire Orientation Training with an LMS

In the digital era of the 21st century, new hire orientation training has the potential to be far more exciting and engaging than the just plowing through the usual piles of paperwork and thumbing through a boring employee manual. Exciting, multimedia digital onboarding experiences can be yours when you use the right learning management system (LMS) to get the job done. Here are some ways using an LMS can facilitate new hire orientation training:


The beauty of a web-based LMS platform is that people can access it anywhere, anytime from their favorite device as long as they have an Internet connection and a web browser. This ease of accessibility is something everyone appreciates and even expects in the digital era.

Less Downtime.

An efficient way of delivering improved new hire orientation training means you’ll be able to get new employees up-to-speed quicker so they can start being the productive workers you need to grow your business.

Lower Costs

Using an LMS to deliver, track and manage new hire orientation training will greatly reduce the costs of training compared to traditional approaches that are labor intensive to deliver with classroom-based instruction.

Mitigate Risk

Your LMS will become a digital storage space for essential HR documentation of all the compliance training employees undergo, which can be a critical source of information in HR-related litigation.

Use eLeaP to Upgrade Your New Hire Orientation Training

The eLeaP LMS is one of the easiest-to-use solutions on the market today. In fact, it was recently ranked #9 on Capterra’s Top 20 Most User-Friendly LMS list, and has been in the top 10 since Capterra started publishing top 20 lists back in 2016. But just because it’s easy to use doesn’t mean it lacks power features. Here’s what eLeaP brings to your new hire orientation training efforts:

Fast Course Creation

eLeaP transforms the complexity of online training into a manageable and straightforward task with easy-to-learn tools and flexible design components. Course listings, pre-requisites, interactive tools, assessments, feedback forms, release rules – you can do it all with eLeaP yourself, or work with our experts to meet your custom course development needs.

Smooth Administration

Training management tasks are easy and efficient with automatic notifications, feedback forms, assessments, and forums. Real-time invitations and reminders, detailed documentation and feedback, quizzes and surveys for assessments – these administrative aspects of training will take up far less time with eLeaP.

Manage All Training Programs

Even if your company can’t do all of its training through eLearning, you can still use eLeaP to schedule, track and document traditional training or classroom-based training, including powerful tools to automate notifications and track event attendance.


Access reports from courses and events, quizzes and assessments, feedback, or training paths. Report data exports easily to Excel and PDF, or can integrate with HR system through our API.

Customized to Your Brand

Personalization and branding features let you add information about your company, including your own branded URL. Add your own logo, color scheme and more. You’ll quickly have your own secure, branded training/learning portal.


Single Sign-On (SSO) means users won’t have to remember multiple passwords. Our API can be used to get eLeaP and your HR software talking to each other as needed.

Cloud-Based Saas

You never have to install anything or worry about upgrades and updates. As a web-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, all that is handled behind the scenes. What your employees will enjoy is easy 24/7 access through any device with an Internet connection and web browser.

What is New Hire Orientation Training?

Whether you call it onboarding or induction training or new hire orientation training, it all has the same goal – getting new employees up-to-speed as quickly as possible in a way that fully engages them and gets them excited about working for your company. It’s those first days and weeks that are critical to a new employee’s future success in your business, so you want to get this right. The better you train them at the start, the sooner they can become the peak performers you need them to be. Establishing a solid foundation early on in terms of their roles and responsibilities, performance expectations and fit with company culture will pay big dividends down the road and hopefully for years to come.

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Effective Workplace New Hire Orientation Training

The best onboarding that gets results has to go well beyond what too many companies settle for, which is often little more than a round of introductions, signing a mountain of paperwork, giving them an employee handbook and point out their workstation. Real new hire orientation training will last for several weeks and include the following:

Position Details

A deep dive into the new employee’s day-to-day responsibilities, performance expectations and setting detailed performance goals, explaining where they fit into the company structure, and introducing them to their immediate manager or supervisor.

Compliance Training

Safety procedures, professional ethics, harassment laws, diversity and inclusion – all the values and expectations that need to be set to comply with workplace regulations and company policies

Job-Specific Training

This is on-the-job training to make sure the new employee fully understands what to do and how to go about doing it.

Employee Benefits

New hires need to know early on what benefits they have and how they go about accessing them, especially in terms of paid time off for vacation, sick leave, personal emergencies, and so on.

The Culture Connection

Too many organizations fail to include this in their onboarding, only to see an increasingly ill fit develop early on. When you explicitly include orientation to the company culture, mission, vision and values, new employees are much more likely to align themselves to the business.

The Benefits of New Hire Orientation Training

When new hire orientation training is done right, you end up with a fully-engaged, highly-loyal employee who becomes more productive much faster than would otherwise happen.

When a new hire gets the “red carpet treatment” they will immediately feel comfortable and valued, which means they’ll want to show that they’re worth the effort by performing well.

The more thorough the training they receive early on about the specific responsibilities and procedures they need to execute, the quicker they can become productive. Don’t leave them guessing anything about how to do their job – give them what they need to succeed.

New hires should also be introduced all around the company so they can see the bigger picture of the business and know who does what. This results in better communication down the road because the new employee has some familiarity with all the key players.

There’s a strong and surprisingly direct connection between new hire orientation training and worker retention. When you get onboarding right, you’ll boost retention and reduce the exorbitant costs of constant turnover. It has been estimated that more than a third of new employees decide within the first week whether they will stay or quit – your onboarding could make the difference.

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